Does GDPR cover business to business?

What is the GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) safeguards EU citizens’ privacy and personal data. It has been in effect since May 25th, 2018.

Companies that collect data of citizens in European Union (EU) countries must adhere to new rigorous data protection regulations.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data, but companies will be challenged as they put systems and processes in place to maintain gdpr compliance.

Does GDPR cover business to business?

Yes, indeed. Wherever you process personal data, the GDPR applies. This means that the GDPR will apply if you can directly or indirectly identify an individual.

Anything that identifies a person, such as names, phone numbers, IP addresses, and personal email addresses, is considered personal data.

Does GDPR apply to B2B emails?

One of the most affected groups by the regulation is sales teams. Personal data is critical in most B2B sales and marketing to contact the right individuals at the right time.

Large companies that rely on outbound sales to expand use B2B data on a daily basis.

B2B enterprises should be able to rely on legitimate interest when sending cold emails to a business email address (e.g.

Does GDPR cover business to business

Data must be utilized in a way that people reasonably expect while also having a minimal privacy impact (in circumstances when an individual’s right is violated, their rights will take precedence over your legitimate interest).

Simply say, you must ensure that you are contacting the proper people with a message that they will find interesting.

What else should we consider?

When someone objects, you must suspend processing if you are relying on legitimate interest for direct marketing.

If you’re depending on consent, the individual has the right to revoke it at any moment. When they withdraw their consent, you must cease processing.

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