What is GDPR compliance checklist

What is GDPR compliance checklist?

Are you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Our GDPR checklist can assist you in securing your company, protecting consumer data, and avoiding costly fines for non-compliance.

It’s also helpful to grasp some GDPR vocabulary and the law’s basic structure in order to grasp the small business GDPR checklist.

If you’re unsure whether your company is GDPR compliant, the checklist below can help you better understand GDPR criteria and the activities your company should take to reach those goals.

Hire a data protection officer (DPO)

GDPR compliance requires the appointment of a Data Protection Officer by organizations who process or handle personal data and have more than 10-15 employees (DPO).

A DPO will assist with the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of data subjects, as well as the large-scale processing of special categories of data.

Data privacy design & assessment

When new products or services are released to the public, privacy processes must be built with privacy protection in mind and applied by default.

Furthermore, data procedures pertaining to the complete supply chain must be assessed and audited in order to prevent internal and external breaches.

Data governance

What is GDPR compliance checklist

The people, processes, and technologies required to provide uniform and proper treatment of corporate data across the business are referred to as data governance.

Companies must maintain current documentation of their data supply chain, such as data flow maps and data inventories, from the time of data collection to erasure.

Compliance, auditing & record keeping

Data controllers must be able to demonstrate that their company is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

To do so, data controllers should audit their own privacy protection policies on a regular basis and keep meticulous records of all data held, data processing, data transfers to other countries, and actions involving personal data utilizing Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Data breach obligations

Despite the fact that it is the last item on our data security checklist, it may be the most crucial.

Companies should be prepared to notify regulators within 72 hours of a data breach, as required by GDPR rules, as well as the individual whose data has been breached “without undue delay.”

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